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Air Conditioner Maintenance Program

Air Conditioning Maintenance

In Virginia, air conditioning is absolutely essential to remain comfortable through our hot summer months. To ensure that your home or business stays cool this summer, Dran’s air conditioning offers a twice a year maintenance program. We thoroughly inspect your HVAC Air Conditioning unit looking for potential problems that could arise. Don’t wait until our city is under a severe heat wave that puts more strain on your unit before calling us at 757-278-4171.

Importance of Regular Maintenance to Your A/C or HVAC Unit

It is crucial to have your HVAC unit or single air conditioner model serviced at regular intervals to enjoy the benefits of a well running cooling unit. Lots of things inside an air conditioner can wear out over time. When the cooling unit is working overtime during long heat spells, the unit might undergo too much stress, and the unit often will not cool the air properly. The professional air conditioning specialists at Dran’s Heating and A/C can provide the expert maintenance services to keep your indoor environment at a comfortable temperature no matter how high the outdoor temperature climbs.

Component Breakage or Failure

Necessary to operate efficiently inner components can begin to fail if they wear out due to the HVAC unit turning on and off too many times. This additional strain on the cooling unit can cause important inner air conditioner fans, fan controls and the compressor to suffer massive damage.

Condensation from A/C Issues

As an air conditioner runs steadily cooling the surrounding air, condensation will begin to build up. Some models have a special pump that handles the excess moisture collection which can break if the narrow drainage tubes become clogged with frozen ice, algae or other debris. It is essential to take to maintain your AC HVAC unit so this does not happen. We recommend calling us and getting on our bi yearly maintenance plan so this does not happen to your ac unit. If your unit goes down in the middle of the summer during a heat wave a lot of your neighbors are having the same problem, so don’t expect immediate attention during this peak time. By being a member of our maintenance program you are our greatest priority anytime during the year.

Thermostat Maintenance

Approximately 50% of our emergency air conditioning  repair calls are directly related to the thermostat malfunctioning. It is extremely important
that if you have one of the older thermostat models, you upgrade your thermostat to the newer digital state of the art thermostats. You can get a new thermostat for less than a service call. As a preferred maintenance program member, we make sure that you have a thermostat that is up to date and will not malfunction during a heat wave.

Having your air conditioning system regularly maintained is essential to your home’s level of comfort. If your system isn’t running to the best of its abilities it could be consuming more energy than necessary and not providing the comfort you count on. Maintaining your home’s HVAC systems is just as important as keeping up with maintenance on your automobile.

Dran’s Heating and AC can make sure your AC unit and other HVAC systems continue to run smooth and efficient. Below are a few items our technicians check for during a maintenance visit.

  • Clean indoor and outdoor coils
  • Maintain Refrigerant levels 
  • Ensure Maximum Air Circulation

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